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"No Soup For You"

Steve Carigon



Video: No Soup For You
Video: Jada Asking

Graduate Sunday

"Like Thunder"
Jill Forton

Video: Mom in Any Language

Sadly, we regret the audio this week was too distorted to post.

"Life in Full Color"
Steve Carigon


Video: Chroma Glasses for Papa
Video: Bravia Color Opener

Printed end of sermon
04/30/17   "God Makes First"   Jill Forton   sermon


Video: Happy
04/23/17   "Journey to Generosity"   Jill Forton   sermon

04/16/17   "Crossroad of the Third Day"   Jill Forton/
Steve Carigon

Hallelujah -
Easter Choir

Video: Return of the King
04/09/17   "Your Crossroads"   Jill Forton   sermon

04/02/17   "Crossroads: Obedience"   Steve Carigon   sermon


Video: Mumford and Sons
03/26/17   "Crossroads of Declaration"   Jill Forton   sermon

Video: Reverse Thinking
03/19/17   "Crossroads of Compassion"   Steven Carigon   sermon


Video: Human - Circle of Compassion
Ben Harper - Picture of Jesus
03/12/17   "Crossroads of Judgement"   Jill Forton   sermon Slides Communion Loop
03/05/17   "Crossroads of Betrayal"   Jill Forton/
Steve Carigon
  sermon VIDEO: Light Still Shines
03/01/17   "Ash Wednesday - Crossroads of Confession"   Jill Forton/
Steve Carigon
  sermon Opening Video
Like Gold
Prayer of Repentance
02/26/17   "Adaptability - The Neglected Secret"   Jill Forton   sermon Slides Extreme Happiness
02/19/17   "Relationships Matter - The Price We Pay"   Steve Carigon   sermon Slides Marriage Event Video
Into Thin Air Video
02/12/17   "Communication - LIfeblood of Relationships"   Jill Forton   Sermon Slides    
02/05/17   "Relationships Matter"   Steve Carigon   Sermon Slides    
01/29/17   "What's Next - The Master's Coming"   Jill Forton     sermon Slides Sorry, no audio this week
01/22/17   "What's Next?"   Jill Forton   sermon video    Video playing during Jill's sermon
01/15/17   "Follow the Directions"   Matt Smith   sermon Bible List    
01/08/17   "Sigh No More - Part 2   Steve Carigon   sermon Slides Video Final 2 min of sermon was lost due to distortion.
01/01/17   "Sigh No More"   Steve Carigon   sermon Slides    
12/24/16   "The Light of Joy"   Jill Forton   sermon
ALL songs
Let There Be a Nativity
12/18/16   "The Light of Peace"
Note: Christmas Choir sang two songs from their
Christmas Eve presentation. First 3 minutes of sermon audio was lost.
  Jill Forton   listen Choir
2 songs
12/11/16   "The Light of Life" - Also Children's Christmas Program   Steve Carigon   listen Kids' Program    
12/04/16   "The Gift of Love" - Meditation on Jubal Brass Sunday   Jill Forton   listen Jubal Brass Website    
11/27/16   "The Light of Hope"   Jill Forton   listen      
11/20/16   "Give Thanks"   Jill Forton/
Steve Carigon
  listen Video    
11/13/16   "The People Who Would Not Say No"   Jill Forton   listen      
11/06/16 Haiti Mission Team Presentation Haiti Mission Team listen Photos    
10/30/16 "There Is No THEM, There Is Only US" Steve Carigon listen      
10/23/16 "Surprise!" Jill Forton listen      
10/09/16 "Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide" Steve Carigon listen      
10/02/16 "God Helps Those Who Help Themselves" Jill Forton listen      
09/18/16 "God Won't Put On You More Than You Can Bear" Jill Forton listen