The Jonathan Gaylord Scholarship Fund was established in 1972 to memorialize the life of Jonathan Gaylord, son of Revered Raymond and Jeannette Gaylors. The primary objective of this scholarship fund is to assist ministerial students from Cascade Christian Church who have demonstrated a need for financial aid. Such students will receive priority in the allocation of available funds. The Scholarship Fund also provides assistance, however, to high school graduates and college students from Cascade Christian Church who are preparing for careers in service vocations; such as nursing, medicine, teaching and social work. The Fund will also consider applications of college students from Cascade Christian Church who are considering careers in other fields of study. All colleges and seminaries but be fully-accredited and approved by the Gifts and Endowments Committee.

To find out more or fill out an application, click the link below.  After filling in all applicable fields you can either:

- Right-click and SAVE the PDF to your hard drive, then attach to an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

- Print the application and deliver by mail or personally to the church office.


         Jonathan Gaylord Scholarship Application