What do I do next?

This web-site is full of information regarding getting married at Cascade Christian Church, and will hopefully answer all of the questions you need to know.  Here are the steps that you need to take to book our church for your wedding:

  • 1) Check the calendar (follow link above) to see if your date is available.

  • 2) Call Jodi Schaefer, the church wedding coordinator, at 616-949-1360 in the office or at 616-481-4888 to make sure there aren't any pending wedding applications or other church events taking place on the day you are interested in.
  • 3) Read the policies/guidelines regarding weddings and facility rental of Cascade Christian Church.

  • 4) Complete your application and mail it in along with your $250 deposit, if applicable, to guarantee your spot. We are a busy place, and we honor the wedding of the first couple to get their application in to us.

Next Steps

Facility Guidelines